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Firstcare pest control family owned business providing pest control services. We offer a full range of treatments and services in all over in Melbourne.

We provide pest control services for Termites, Rats, Spiders, Birds, Mice, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Bee's , Wasps, Fleas and Ants. All work fully guaranteed and competitive price. Fully licensed and accredited, Special Consideration for Pets and Children as well Environment. Firstcare means First Environment, Health and safety Aim. Pest control: resident and commercial also will do Termite Treatment and Inspection. Treatment for all kind pests and rodents and termites.

We have been around pesticides for quite a long time and We have learnt a lot from experience. We give fully guarantee with an invoice after the work is done. Firstcare pest control is one of the fastest growing pest businesses in Australia.

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Firstcare Pest Control

Pest Control Services We Offer

Why Firstcare Pest Control?

Choosing Firstcare Pest Control means opting for reliable and effective pest control solutions. With our pest-free guarantee, decades of experience, competitive pricing, diverse services, and certified expertise, we ensure that your property remains free from pests. Trust our qualified team to deliver the highest quality service, backed by our commitment to excellence in every aspect of pest and termite control.
Pests are smart. Firstcare's smarter.

Pest-Free Guarantee

At Firstcare, we are confident in our abilities to deliver effective pest control solutions, and to prove it, we offer a pest-free guarantee for our clients’ peace of mind.

24-Hour Guaranteed Response Time

Our team will respond within 24 hours of your call. We pride ourselves in providing timely and quick service to our neighbors.

Health & Safety

Our technicians are using PPE including masks, practicing social distancing, and offering contactless payment whenever possible.

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Why Do People Choose Firstcare Pest Control

Our comprehensive pest management Melbourne services cover a wide range of pests, from common household insects to more challenging infestations. We utilise the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your pest issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

  • 01.

    Extensive Coverage

    We provide pest control services Melbourne wide, ensuring that no matter where you are, we can help with your pest issues.

  • 02.

    Seasonal Pest Solutions

    We understand the unique pest issues that arise in Melbourne by season, and we tailor our pest treatments accordingly.

  • 03.

    Guaranteed Services

    Our professional pest control Melbourne services come with a guarantee, giving you peace of mind that we’ll get the job done right.

Common Questions About Our Services

Frequency Asked Questions about Pest Control

One of our friendly, experienced staff members will be happy to help with your pest control enquiry. Firstcare Pest Control provides treatments for all pests using only the safest methods.

  • Why Should You Choose Firstcare Pest Control?

  • How frequently should you seek our services?

    This varies based on several factors, including the types of pests you're dealing with, the intensity of the infestation, and the size of your property. For most properties, pest control services on a quarterly basis are adequate. But, in regions with a high pest population or severe infestations, more frequent pest control might be necessary. No matter how often you require it, pest control Melbourne remains a vital service in maintaining your property and keeping it pest-free. Ensure you remain pest free by opting for professional pest control solutions from Firstcare Pest Control.

  • What Is The Importance Of Pest Control?

    Because of our climate and environment, there are various pests prevalent across Melbourne. While some may seem inconspicuous, pests account for billions of dollars in property damage and lost business income each year—while posing considerable health risks by carrying bacteria and spreading disease. Attracted to our homes and offices for the food, water, and shelter on offer, an infestation can suddenly become a serious and expensive problem. Pest control services are essential because most pests require specialist skill, knowledge, and experience to eradicate safely. While some DIY pest control methods may offer short term solutions, they rarely provide long term effectiveness—and in a commercial setting, they can't guarantee compliance with your industry's safety or auditory regulations.

  • What to Do After Pest Control Sprays?

    Our pest control sprays protect your home and commercial properties from unwanted insects. Doing the right things after spraying will keep the pesky pests at bay. The first thing you need to do after pest control spray is to know everything about the type of treatment you received for safety reasons. Keep your children and pets away from treated areas until they are completely dry. Also, try to avoid mopping or wiping down the perimeter areas of rooms.

  • What's the average pest control cost in Melbourne?

    Pest control businesses generally offer a free consultation to evaluate your unique requirements. Post consultation, they provide a comprehensive written quote detailing the pest control cost for their services. Always inquire about any ongoing promotions or discounts while hiring a pest control service. At Firstcare Pest Control, we offer affordable pest control services tailored to your needs. Whether it's for your residential or commercial property, our pest control business in Melbourne solutions ensure comprehensive coverage. Experience the best pest control service with competitive prices at Firstcare Pest Control.

  • How Often Should You Get Your House Sprayed?

    There's no one-size-fits-all solution for how often you should get your home inspected or sprayed. Each property and infestation is different, and therefore some require more regular inspections than others. To safeguard your home or business from pests, Firstcare Pest Control offers weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, and yearly services depending on your needs. The important thing is to ensure that all pests are safely removed and proper preventative measures are in place to decrease the chances of their return.

Expert Pest Control Melbourne

We will perform the most appropriate and efficient pest control methods to suit your specific requirements throughout Melbourne. We ensure that your property remains free from pests.

Tell Us Your Requirements, You Will Love Our Pest Control Services!

All technicians are fully trained and licensed and undergo regular training to keep abreast of industry changes. Our technicians are committed to providing fast, effective, affordable & safe control of all types of pests in homes & businesses throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

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